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Handmade Candle Holder To My Wife

Handmade Candle Holder To My Wife

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Get your beloved one a special gift!

Also make a Great Birthday, Anniversary Gift.

There are lots of ways to express your love to the person that completes you. And sometimes words can’t explain how much you love her. Let us help you express your undying devotion to your loved one. Give her our To My Wife - My Missing Piece Wooden Candle Holder.
A new way to intimately convey your message and it will be engraved on the wood the can last forever. This will be a perfect gift with or without any occasion.

It would be extra romantic to see your message lit up with this candle holder. She’ll be head over heels, that’s for sure. Order it now and sweep her off her feet.
Special Reminder: This is made to order and for a limited time only, so grab yours now.  These 2 candle holders can stand beside each other, or they can be used 

Height – 5 inches/13 cm.
Width – 3.5 inch /9.0 cm/ (edited)